Blog Birthday: Happy Birthday to three years

Hooray, the blog turns 3 years old! That’s always reason to celebrate, but the party is a little smaller, there’s just too much else going on.

Changes and constants

Dramatic headline, isn’t it? But it sums up well why the celebration is smaller and where I currently stand. The sad constant is that there is little time. In my mid-30s and truly with enough action in my family and professional life, I’m currently in the middle of this phase where very many people have little time for self-interest. That’s a shame, because we’re all aware of how important these time-outs are, where you can be with yourself and recharge your batteries. I have written about this often enough. At the same time, it’s also quite good, because at least in my case, the 24 hours of the day besides work are filled with tasks that I’ve decided to do and that do, after all, make me happy. So it’s about priorities and not enough time, but not about the need to fundamentally change anything. It’s the way it is and it’s good that way – it’s a pity about the hobby, but I know that it will get more attention again.

The other topic, changes. This paragraph belongs right after the previous one, because we are expecting another baby. We are very excited and look forward to the future, but I am fully aware that this will definitely mean even less hobby time. So far, I’ve managed to squeeze in hobby time here and there. With two children, that will hardly be possible. And let’s be honest: Permanently having to organize your hobby into efficient, short minutes in order to somehow get by has nothing to do with passion or pleasure, and certainly nothing to do with switching off or creative processes. So it’s quite possible that I won’t be able to do anything for the next 2-3 years. But you never know, we will see and you will find out here.

Blog birthday three years – What’s to celebrate?

Well, despite the little time I still managed to paint a few things. If you have to limit yourself, then you often choose projects that are more important to you. Accordingly, I have once again vigorously ridden the nostalgia wave.

80's Kids on Wheels, Morgue Miniatures

We started with the Kids on Wheels from Morgue Miniatures. They have no cinematic role model, but are simply some kids in the 80s. They are in the form or so similar but of course an integral part of any real 80s movie. The painting was a lot of fun. Click here for the post.

The Big Lebowski: Dude, Walter, Donny

We continued with the one and only Dude and his two buddies Walter and Donny from “The Big Lebowski”. The movie is still one of my favorites and I just had to have these characters. To the contribution it goes here along.

Skeletor He-Man Masters of the Universe Quest Miniatures

We stay in the 80s and celebrate the first painted miniatures of Masters of the Universe. Of course, it started with He Man and Skeletor. The figures are from Quest Miniatures and by now probably pretty much discontinued. Too bad, because Majestro Boris Woloszyn designed them. My MotU collection is fairly large – let’s see how fast I can get those painted (lol). You can find the post here.

Hasslefree Miniatures

The guys and gals around Scooby Doo were another little highlight in this year’s output. The fantastic miniatures by Hasslefree were a lot of fun, especially because of their pop colors. This way to the article.

"WELL HELLO MR. FANCY PANTS!" (Evil Dead) Tanz der Teufel

The crowning finale was Ash from Dance of the Devils. Another classic of my youth and an absolutely fantastic miniature from Hasslefree. Here I am even satisfied with my painting result. With the rare painting sessions, unfortunately, not a matter of course. You can find out more here.

What does the future hold?

Honestly, no idea. Let’s see how the time load will look like, I really can’t estimate it. At the 2nd blog birthday last year I had still taken nostalgia to the extreme and announced classic Warhammer projects. Of course, I’ve spent money on them since then and of course haven’t painted any of them yet. Consequently, I am not announcing anything now. The probability that I will not implement it is unfortunately quite high.

Despite the little time I can currently spend on the blog and despite the little output I’m still very happy about each and everyone who read here and sometimes even comment. Stay faithful to me, I write more again when I can!

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