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  • Star Wars – The return of the unpainted plastic knights
    The Star Wars fan in me caved and bought the Star Wars Legion base box. What a victim I am. […]
  • Shooting Closure 2022
    The year 2022 is drawing to a close and I want to pause again for a moment to sum up. […]
  • Jurassic World Miniature Game – The Kickstarter disaster
    The point has probably come when you have to realize that you have probably been scammed. In any case, we […]
  • 7TV: Fantasy (Review)
    As a big fan of 7TV: Inch High Spy-Fi, I was very excited to see Crooked Dice’s latest spin-off from […]
  • Tarzan
    When thinking about a Lost World project, Tarzan came to mind along with the obligatory dinos, explorers, and King Kong. […]
  • Saga: Age of Vikings
    With the saga expansion “Age of the Vikings” I finally set off into Nordic waters and devote myself to the […]
  • King Kong
    I love King Kong. A giant ape was definitely needed for my Lost World project. And a gap in my […]
  • Batman Miniature Game
    For fans of Batman and other DC heroes and heroines, the Batman Miniature Game from the Spanish manufacturer Knight Models […]
  • Hero’s Journey
    Have you ever noticed that many Hollywood movies tell the same story at their core? That’s because of the hero’s […]
  • Dinosaurs!
    On their way through the Lost World, the expeditionary force repeatedly encounters great and absolutely unforeseen dangers. Oh my God! […]