Kickstarter: New 7TV Core Rulebook – The perfect beginning

Crooked Dice are raising money on Kickstarter to fund the new 7TV rulebook. I’m participating and happy to promote it. What is it about?

Today’s blog post is different from the usual one, namely it is a pure advertising block. Crooked Dice have nothing to do with the post here, as a big fan of the system I am simply trying to drum up support for the campaign within my modest means.

If you are interested in the campaign, you can find all the information here on Kickstarter and make your pledge. Nevertheless, I’ll write a few words about what it’s about and why I think it’s worth supporting:

7TV – A new Core Rulebook – Why?

7TV does not need a new rulebook. There is no new edition, there are no rule changes, players and owners of previous second edition Core Sets and Feature Packs can continue to use everything as usual. According to Karl from Crooked Dice, however, two things have come together:

1. the various releases (Genre Core Packs, Feature Packs,…) have become somewhat confusing and those interested sometimes do not know where they can best start.
2) The economic developments of the past years (paper industry!) make the reprinting of the previous core sets expensive with unclear purchase quantities.

So the solution is to introduce a bundled rulebook as a hardcover, which now contains all the rules and can be bought carefree by anyone interested. Everything you need to play can now be found there. The previous thematic focus of the Spy-Fi, Pulp, Apocalypse and Fantasy sets will be outsourced to the Feature Packs. Special rules, cards, tokens and co for special genres will be gradually revised and appear in the form of a new Feature Pack. In future, players will have the rulebook and then buy individual genre feature packs depending on their preferences and interests.

Do you have to buy twice now?

No, you don’t have to. The maps and programme guides will be revised and standardised here and there, but nothing will change. I already have the Spy-Fi, Pulp and Fantasy core boxes. I miss the Apocalypse box, which has also not been available anywhere for a long time. Eventually the feature packs will appear for all of them. I probably won’t buy the feature packs of the genres I already have. Unless there are major changes in the individual ones. But I will definitely buy the Apocalypse feature pack, because I’m already annoyed that I didn’t get it. Post-apocalyptic battles against mutated insects or gang fights in the desert are just too cool!

If you have a bit of time to spare, you can listen to Karl here in “The Cast Dice” podcast, where he sums it all up once again.

How is the campaign going?

The Kickstarter campaign is running very successfully. More than 500 backers and more than 50,000€ (from a target of just over 17,000€) speak for great interest. Those who join will get some freebies and can pack in additional add-ons. It is definitely worth a look if you are interested in the system. In any case, the Facebook group on 7TV shows that many newcomers are joining in and finally using this campaign as an entry point. Since 7TV is one of my absolute favourite systems and I think it still needs to become much better known in Germany, I am writing here once again in all clarity: Check it out! The campaign runs until Sunday, 14.05.2023.

You can find my articles about the previous boxes here:

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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