The Internet is immensely valuable when it comes to getting information and tips and tricks.
A large part of the digital hobby public has shifted from forums to social media. This has advantages and disadvantages, no reason to complain about it. But for me, hobby blogs are still an important part of it. We traditionally have less tabletop blogs in Germany than e.g. in England (no surprise), so I would like to introduce some blogs here that I visit regularly. Our hobby is a niche, so mutual support is even more important. Maybe you will find something interesting!


28mm Victorian Warfare
–> I love this blog. Michael Awdry was and is a huge inspiration for my own blog and he already painted lots of awesome miniatures I want to paint myself. I think it’s one of the blogs I follow the longest and I still enjoy spending time there and even read old articles I already read a year ago

–> Kieron’s “guide to wargaming on a budget” is another huge influence. He had some very creative ideas for conversions which might find their way onto my working desk someday. I even enjoy reading his battle reps altough I don’t play any of those games

Dr. Mathias’s Miniature Extravaganza
–> One of the blogs that can ignite fires. I love the scenic shots, not to speak of the excellent paint jobs. A lot of his pictures are saved on my computer for inspiration. Sometimes you are surprised how few is necessary to have a convincing orchestration.

–> The blog of Agis Neugebauer must be the oldest blog I read. When I re-entered the hobby a few years ago I remembered that blog from back in the days when I worked for GW in the early 2000s. It looks like nothing changed since then and that is definitely a good thing. I always admired the constant output on a high level Agis achieves over years.

– to be continued


Sweetwater Forum
–> German forum with a focus on historic wargaming. You can find me under the nickname “Scipio”

Lead Adventure Forum
–> I’m sure this needs no introduction. You can find me under the nickname “Scipio”

Tabletop Forum
–> German forum, originally and still focused on GW games. You can find me under the nickname “Anárion”

Youtube (german)

Tabletop Workshop
–> I love watching the turorials by TWS. Some of them helped me with my own projects, others are simply interesting and fun to watch. Someday I will definitely use their 3-part-tutorial about casting to make my own molds.

Tabletop Hebewerk
–> Similar to TWS: Just more tutorials with a funny presentation. I used their tutorial about hedges for my own shrubbery

Tabletop Basement
–> One of the few regular german Tabletop shows on youtube. Sascha does an incredible job for the community. I prefer watching his interviews with people from the german TT scene, such as sculptor Andy Peters or manufacturer ‘Stoessi’

–> Germany’s only Tabletop tv show with a large range of topics. All videos from TV are put to youtube a couple of days later. Unfortunately this is the channel I watch the least (time, you know?), but out of respect for Denis’ untiring dedication for giving Tabletop a visible home in Germany, that channel needed to be mentioned here

Youtube (english) – no insider tips here

–> very professionally produced videos by Scott ‘the miniature maniac’, always fun to watch. I already learned a lot watching his videos about painting and still do.

Tabletop Minions
–> I love listening to Uncle Atoms thoughts about Hobby related topics. Some of them are about organizing yourself, about motivation, about having the right mindset when you do your hobby. It’s good that there is someone who talks how certain hobby aspects can slow you down or become a burden and how you can deal with it. A good example: ‘What to do when you’re overwhelmed with your hobby’

Sorastro’s Painting
–> Easily one of the best channels for beginners and advanced painters. Maybe even experts can learn new stuff. Very well produced tutorials, that helped me a lot to improve my painting.

–> Of course, Mel the Terrain Tutor. Do you want to build terrain? He tells you how. Simply a genius and always joyful to watch.