7TV by Crooked Dice is probably the perfect tabletop system for a movie fanatic and pop culture lover like me. It is a skirmish system that simulates a movie. In fact, you don’t fight conflicts between forces but the game represents the filming of a television episode. The miniatures are actors and extras, the game mechanics are based on classic tropes of a TV episode: you chase a MacGuffin or the end of the game is relatively sudden, so the episode ends with a cliffhanger without anyone obviously winning (a game winner can still be determined, of course). I like the idea insanely well. Even better, I like that the system is flexible enough to adapt to any franchise. There are rules for standard casts: secret agents and cops, supervillains who head a crime organization. Alien threats and earthly soldiers. However, you can also play your favorite franchises in every conceivable constellation: James Bond, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Indiana Jones, Scooby Dooh and co. Whether Doc Brown and Marty McFly or Rick and Morty – almost all characters can be portrayed.
In essence, 7Tv is intended as a homage to classic series of the 60s and 70s, but it can easily be expanded.  So much for the overview. I’ll explain more in detail in the following posts:

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