Welcome to movieminis.de!

As the name suggests, it’s about miniatures of well-known movie characters – from James Bond to Batman, the Ghostbusters and King Kong to Star Wars and the Hobbit. The models are all tabletop miniatures, so basically produced for games or collectors. They are metal/resin or plastic figures of different manufacturers from all over the world and between 25 and 32mm in size. Almost exclusively the figures are bought unpainted, many have to be assembled. The laborious and as authentic as possible painting and possibly even preparing with additional accessories is part of the hobby.

In 1997 I came to tabletop (Warhammer), did it intensively and worked for Games Workshop. During my studies I lost my interest completely and for about 10 years the hobby was considered a past. Now the old passion has flamed up quite powerfully again.
I’d see myself as a pop culture junkie. When I noticed how many manufacturers are now making miniatures and games for our beloved franchises, it must have awakened something in me. Today I dedicate myself to painting alone. Playing is not possible in terms of time. You know how it is, it’s now difficult enough to regularly find a bit of time out from everyday life to swing the brush, but the hobby has gained a significant relaxation effect for me.

First and foremost this will be a kind of photoblog. However, I will write something about the miniatures and possibly write additional articles about techniques and tips. I hope you like it.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and have fun!

Cooperations: I run the blog as a hobby and have no interest in commercialization. If you have ideas for meaningful collaborations with added value for my readers, please feel free to contact me at info@movieminis.de.