Skeletor and the Evil Warriors

Quest Miniatures Boris Woloszyn

After He-Man and the first Heroic Warriors, Skeletor and his Evil Warriors had to follow. These figures also come from the first set of Quest Miniatures. They are of course also designed by Boris Woloszyn – another stroke of luck.


Skeletor came with a stickable hand with a staff, but without any other options. Whether the original action figure had further options, like He-Man, I don’t know at all. Anyway, assembling it this way was easy and I decided to position the staff head low. Together with He-Man it now looks wonderfully dynamic for a duel with movement and parry. I like Skeletor’s miniature maybe even a bit better than He-Man’s. He really is wonderfully done, dynamic and vicious, plus he looks shifty. Again, I went with the original colors and tried to make them a little more realistic without losing the pop.

By the way, I’m especially looking forward to Skeletor in the new Netflix series, because he is voiced by Mark ‘Luke Skywalker’ Hamil. I like Hamil anyway, but his work as a voice actor is in a class of its own. Legendary, of course, is his role as the Joker in the Batman Animated Series. So I’m really curious to see how he will interpret Skeletor.

Beast Man

Beast Man is the first Minion of the Evil Warriors to enter the field, one of Skeletor’s most loyal henchmen. I’ve always liked the character design – the mix of human and “beast”, the color scheme, the characteristics. It was clear to me that Beast Man would have to be painted right after Skeletor.

I think Boris did an excellent job of transferring the design. Beast Man looks like a version of the Filmation cartoons turned into a model. For the painting I again used the colors from the classic series and tried to adapt them a bit more modern. His fur is reddish, but tending towards brown, so he stands out a bit from the original look.

By the way, I think it’s a wonderful side fact that Beast Man will be dubbed by Jason Mewes in the new Netflix series. Mewes is a friend of showrunner Kevin Smith and together they form the legendary Jay&Silent Bob duo. Since he’s not necessarily an Oscar-worthy actor, I found the casting in this taciturn dubbing role very charming.

Evil Lyn

Evil Lyn is the only female companion of the sinister Skeletor and also, despite all loyalty, equipped with her own ambitions to rule. The sorceress is an indispensable part of the Evil Warriors – consequently she is also part of the first MotU set. As previously stated, I am not a MotU nostalgic. I have only seen a cross-section of the Filmation cartoons and have no deeper impression of Evil Lyn. Possibly there was never an opportunity to do so either? In the course of “Masters of the Universe: Revelations” it has been praised that many side characters finally get more profile. This is also true for Evil Lyn. Especially the ambivalence between loyalty and ambition is nicely thematized.

By the way, I really like Lena Headey’s dubbing of Evil Lyn. Should there be a MotU live-action film adaptation at some point, she would be a great cast in general.

I like the sublime posture that Boris Woloszyn has once again fashioned here. She looks like an upright, self-confident competitor and not like a squat assistant. The left arm was separate and had to be glued on. Often you see it lowered more, but I chose a raised pose to emphasize her power.

After Heroic Warrios and Evil Warriors, the first set is now painted. Let’s continue with number 2!

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