80’s Kids on wheels

80's Kids on Wheels, Morgue Miniatures

The very hesitant arrival of spring is already shifting priorities. We are still in lockdown, but I am also much more outside with my son. The painting motivation is not gone, but the time is largely used differently. Nevertheless, I will continue to paint, of course, but for now I’m limiting myself to single miniatures. It was just the right time to devote myself to the great new “80’s Kids on wheels” from Morgue Miniatures.

It is the second set to release minis of 80’s inspired kids. Morgue Miniatures funded the set via Kickstarter, I was right in. Recently they arrived at my door (British mail can take a while now) and I was blown away by the quality. Sharp, beautiful casting, great models overall. Only downer is that they are quite large for children/youth. Next to an adult 28mm figure they are the same size – this does not fit in proportion of course, but should not bother and due to the driving equipment it may bei not so noticeable anyway.

The 80s were colorful and powerful!

The first thing I did was paint the skateboarder. Went nice and fast and was really fun. Classic baseball jacket, skateboard under his feet, flowing hair – he immediately reminds of the 80s. A nice start. Let’s continue with the first bike.

80's Kids on Wheels, Morgue Miniatures

And there comes already a girl on wheels around the corner! The mini captures the 80’s wonderfully, but this time I’m definitely deviated too much with the painting. So right after 80’s siehts not, I find it but also not bad, because I like the color scheme just fine. Only the roller skates might not have needed brightly colored wheels, right? But hey, that’s how it looked 🙂

80's Kids on Wheels, Morgue Miniatures

Next, a boy on bike makes the streets unsafe. This time there is a stylish 80’s BMX and I have the base still missed a Coke can. No idea. whether I hit the time so right with the painting, I wanted to stand out primarily from the studio painting. But I am satisfied!

80's Kids on Wheels, Morgue Miniatures

And to finish off the wonderful “80’s Kids on Wheels” set, here’s another girl with a bike. Again, a great miniature – I like the mix of dynamism and serenity that all four exude. Placed side by side, it almost creates a scene on the street where all four happen to meet. This isn’t the first time I’ve written it: painting them was super fun, and I’m glad I backed the Kickstarter. They probably won’t help me for games, but they’re just nice miniatures for 80s nostalgics and they might also serve well as extras in future photos.

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