New Terrain: Age of Sigmar “Shattered Temple”

Conan der Barbar Arnold Schwarzenegger Forge of Doom Games Workshop Shattered Temple

New terrain has been finished, the “Shattered Temple” from Games Workshop for Age of Sigmar. AoS has a larger scale and is actually too big for my 28mm miniatures, but I still wanted to try and I am absolutely satisfied with the result.

I bought the temple because I expected it to be a quickly playable and visually interesting terrain piece. Of course, you can also build it yourself quite easily from Styrodur or other materials. However, this takes a lot of time and is rather complicated with my possibilities (no thermo cutter). Experience has shown that even small and light terrain pieces take me quite a long time until they are actually completely finished. Since the complete base of the Shattered Temple is already delivered and only columns and details still have to be worked on, I decided to use this variant.

I particularly like the fact that the bases of the columns fit exactly on the steps and the columns can stand by themselves. For maximum flexibility, I decided not to glue the column bases down. This should also simplify storage. So the columns can be removed and the temple base can be used on its own. Whether this is practical in game play I cannot yet judge. When touched, the columns can probably easily slip and fall over. Seen magnetized columns on Instagram. This would be helpful, but was too much of a hassle for me since the temple is almost only used for photos anyway.

And now with color!

Also on Instagram, I looked at a lot of pretty spectacular paintings for inspiration. I have finally decided for a very simple painting to be able to use the temple both for fantasy settings as well as (with eye squeezing) for historical settings. The ornaments look a bit uninspired now, but the temple fulfills exactly its purpose. If I can think of an improvement, I can always adjust it.

In any case, the first test photos turned out wonderfully. I am very satisfied with the result. The Shattered Temple will certainly appear more often in my pictures now.

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