Creating Hyboria

I needed a little break from painting dolls, so I built the first terrain piece for my aim to creating Hyboria. I thought about building some sort of temple for Thulsa Doom, but then preferred a more general object that could be used for other environments. It would have to be something that fits in well when Conan and his companions are searching for the serpent cult.

The Serpent Statue

Before that, I had a statue for the Slaughter Cult coming up. I found a model that would fit very well in the temple of Thulsa Doom. It looks quite similar to Thulsa after his transformation into a snake – a perfect addition to my collection.

The statue is a detailed resin piece from Forge of Ice called “Doom Serpent Idol”. I bought it from Fenris Games, who as far as I know are the only European distributor for Forge of Ice. It’s a great casting, almost no cleaning was necessary. Originally I was going to paint the whole model as if it were stone. However, after looking again at the product picture in the Fenris store, I decided to copy the painting and paint the eyes green and the necklace bronze. The green eyes could be green stones inserted into the statue to add to the dignity of the statue.

The Temple

When I looked for inspirations I stumbled across one of the awesome tutorials of the german Youtube show “TWS”. I decided to build exactely that stone platform, as it fit’s perfectly into a hyborean world and could also be used for different settings. The platform is made from xps foam with a core from cardboard. I just followed the tutorial, so there is not really much to explain here. You find every step in the video – even if you’re not speaking German you should be able to follow the steps:

Here are a few pictures of my building process. The only difference to the TWS video is, that I used cardboard for the core instead of xps foam.

Later I made some test photos with the new platform and some miniatures to get a feeling for perspectives:

I had a lot of fun building this quickly made piece and will definitely add more terrain to my Hyboria collection.

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