New York, New York

After a long time I have finished a few buildings for more photo backgrounds. Four building elements representing residential buildings in the style of New York. All of them are made of the set “Brownstone A” from TT Combat, which actually contains a complete house. Instead, I took all four sides as independent elements, reinforced the back with balsa wood, made adjustments here and there, and glued them to bases made of Styrodur. The windows got window panes made of printed paper (my MS Paint skills were just enough for that), then everything was painted. The fire escape is from 4ground, the graffiti is from Antenocitis Workshop.

The parts stood around for a few months, built but unpainted, now I finally did it. It was very much inked and of course dry brushed. I’m sure more detail could have been added, but it’s all about the background, which probably won’t even be in focus in most photos. I’m happy with the result, although I’ll definitely add some more detail when I get a chance. On the whole, it looks like it could be New York, I think. In any case, I’m glad I can have more variety in my photos now.

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