Dirty Harry

„Go ahead punk… make my day!“

Dirty Harry is one of those classic film series that people know but may never have seen. The name alone has become a general object of pop culture, but fewer people know anything about the character or the film plot.

I recently ordered a batch of figures from Studio Miniatures and just picked up the beautiful Dirty Harry mini. This was reason enough to finally close my education gap. I never had the opportunity to see it and now it was time to catch up. I liked the movie, although I don’t think it has aged well. From today’s perspective, much of the plot and scenes have already been seen in newer films. Of course, its age shows clearly and the pacing is anything but contemporary – watch the trailer below and you’ll have a feel of the whole flick. However, you can’t knock a movie from 1971 for that. I still enjoyed the film and it was great to finally meet Eastwood in his iconic role. ‘Do you feel lucky, punk?

The Dirty Harry figure is from Studio Miniatures with the great quality you are used to from there. It shows Hartigan in a familiar pose with his gun raised. Painting it wasn’t really difficult as it is mainly a brown suit. It was fun to add expression to the very finely sculpted face. Yes, I feel lucky, punk!

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