Alien invasion

There is a small alien invasion in my collection. Some heroes of my childhood have crept in and bring a lot of charm to the collection!


Alf is probably one of those series that most of us watched at least sporadically back in the day. He was cult and it’s a real shame that this character has been forgotten so much. The cat-loving alien hasn’t really made it into the present (according to my impression). With a nostalgic look his name is sometimes still mentioned, but he is no longer present. But in the 80’s and 90’s it was hard to imagine life without him! There was merchandise everywhere, we threw Alf slogans at each other in the schoolyard and listened to Alf cassettes in the afternoon. If I’m not mistaken, there was even a cartoon series.

“The only good cat is a stir-fried cat!”

Well, when you think of tabletop, you certainly don’t think of the small, furry alien with the big mouth. Still, I was very happy when I saw him and had to order him right away. The figure is an old model from Four A Miniatures. Alf is fortunately now available at L72’s metal miniature musings. It was a lot of fun painting this somewhat special model. I don’t think any cleaning was needed at all and the painting goes off quickly due to the high fur content.

Fun fact: The german dubbing actor of Alf, Tommi Pieper, had such a uniqe voice, that he was quickly recoginzed only as “Alf” and struggled to find other commitments after the series was finished. Check it out:


The alien invasion continues with ET. When I was a kid, E.T. was more of a myth than a movie to me. It was years before I was finally able to see the movie myself, while everyone else had long since been talking about it, of course. I remember well how impressed I was with this little creature, although the scene with the agents coming to the house in those protective suits to capture ET kind of scared me. I just realized that in my memory the hazmat suits look like astronaut suits. Either I didn’t understand it at the time or my brain was playing tricks on me. Hach, childhood memories….

Anyway, ET is one of those magical movies that you never forget seeing in your childhood. Just as with Alf, I stumbled upon ET completely by accident. After all, you don’t expect a character like that to exist. When I wanted to buy Alf, I also came across ET from the same vendor. Unlike Alf, ET is an original sculpt.

The casting is fine and sharp and again absolutely no cleaning was necessary. Although I painted ET quite quickly, it was a lot of fun and I am more than happy with the result. Here is one of the most famous scenes again, where we now wallow so beautifully in nostalgia:

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