Scarface was legendary in my school days. Some people had seen it, many others hadn’t. It was the kind of movie you really wanted to see and somehow managed to do so. I guess it hit me on the wrong foot, because it never thrilled me. To be honest, I don’t really like “Scarface”. Of course it was great to finally see this must-see movie for the first time, but it never really picked me up. In maybe 15 years, I saw it again for the second time only last year and was discreetly bored.

I don’t think it’s the film, but rather the extremely overused theme and this great myth. In pop culture, Tony Montana has been omnipresent at least since he became a topos in hip hop. My problem, I think anyway, was that Tony never interested me. He’s an unsympathetic asshole who, of course, literally walks over dead bodies to get rich. Yes okay, some may accept that as an identification figure. Unfortunately, he always rather annoyed me and I always found his development boring. We follow a growing radicalization, which is also accompanied by increasingly strong paranoia. I found that more interesting in other characters, unfortunately. Nevertheless, of course, every film enthusiast should have seen the film in any case!

I really like Pacino’s performance. I love what he does with the character. It’s a real joy to watch him act and there are obvious reasons why Montana/Scarface is an integral part of our pop culture today. By the way, I find it interesting that Pacino played Michael Corleone and Tony Montana, two defining figures of the mafia/gangster genre who are complete opposites.

„Say hello to my little friend!“

Tony Montana

Finally, the miniature, about which I can not say much this time. The mini is from Studio Miniatures from the Survivors range. Similar to the Pulp Fiction minis, almost no cleaning was necessary – beautifully designed and cleanly cast. I think they captured the iconic pose insanely well and nailed his face 1a. I hope you like him too!

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