Saga was one of the first systems I became seriously interested in again after returning to the hobby. It had been developed during my “absence” and is now very successful and popular. Probably there will be no reader who does not know it.


There are several things I personally liked about it.


1. First of all, Saga is a skirmisher, so it is played with a relatively manageable number of miniatures in loose formation. From the past I knew historical TTs only as mass battles with large units in rank&file and relatively low distribution. One of the best known was Warhammer Ancient Battles – a Warhammer spin-off by ex-GW staff that largely used Warhammer mechanics. It looked like Warhammer in ancient times. For all historical TTs you had to really invest in armies, often the minis weren’t easy to get in Germany and you didn’t find a large player base either. That had always deterred me. But it has all changed. Of course, you can/must still build an army in Saga, but the options are very flexible and you can play sensibly even with small sizes. In addition, as I said, the game is very popular and widespread, players can even be found in Potsdam, where I live, with a small hobby scene.

2. The game dynamics are insanely fun. The rules are kept simple and yet offer great flexibility and dynamics via the random element of saga dice/battle plan. I find the mechanics innovative and very entertaining. It’s quick and fun to play.

3. There is no separate miniatures series or only single miniatures to supplement. You fall back on what you have or what you like, there are hardly any limits to creativity. Since I have a bunch of miniatures of historical characters from movies due to my hobby focus and usually buy a few warriors/soldiers in addition, I already have a starting point for many armies. Not too much is missing and Ragnar Lodbrok and his Vikings become a small force for Saga.

4. As a final point, you don’t take it too closely. Saga covers different eras and sees itself as a historical tabletop. Nevertheless, it is not an exact simulation of a historical conflict. Nobody cares if the painting is not historically accurate or the figures might not fit the chosen era exactly. Historical players will probably be happier with other systems. Although I am very interested in history, I want to relax in the hobby and not worry too much about accuracy.


I’m sure there are more points. Anyway, these convinced me right away. You can see what I’m doing with Saga here:

Starting my Saga

Half a year ago I wrote about the fact that I wanted to play again and decided to go for Saga. Since this year 2020 is like no other before, nothing has come of the plan so far. To the …

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