Coming home … to wargaming

It’s time to finally get back to playing with all those wonderful toys. I haven’t played a tabletop game since I gave up the hobby many years ago. Now it’s time for coming home…. to wargaming!

Two years ago I picked up the brushes again. The intention was to just paint the figures and not play any games. I knew what games were hot in recent years, but time was limited and I was happy to just paint again.

Since then I have experienced an incredibly nice, welcoming and supportive community with lots of fun and interesting encounters on Facebook, Instagram, forums and blogs. It’s really a lot of fun to be part of this worldwide and also sometimes nice, local community. You talk about painting techniques, look at great miniatures of others. You show your own work and get criticized. Quite often one shares other interests with like-minded people. I got so deeply immersed in this hobby again that I felt I wanted the full experience again – including gaming.

I think I know all the more popular tabletop systems that most people are playing right now. Basically, I’m interested in a lot of them, but we tabletop people know that it’s advisable to limit ourselves, right? (Please let me be naive – deep down I already know better…). To keep it simple, I wanted to start with a system that many people in my town already play and that would be playable with my collection. So WH40k or AoS were out of the question.

Saga – The Beginning

It didn’t take long for me to realize that Saga and 7TV would be the systems that interested me the most. 7TV by Crooked Dice is perfect for my collection (in fact, many of the minis are from CD) and it fits my whole Movieminis approach anyway. Unfortunately, though, I don’t know anyone who plays it. While I’m willing to bring people into the hobby or a specific system, I wanted something to play with a broad community for starters. That’s what led me to Saga. I’m really impressed with the reputation Saga has earned over the past few years. I also like the possibilities it offers. Time to start my own Saga!

While we are all in Corona lockdown, I took the opportunity to read and ordered the new German edition (2nd English edition including the 2019 errata) with the Age of Magic expansion. Maybe I can play a few games with Conan and his companions against the forces of Thulsa Doom? Certainly Saga will also be an opportunity to get closer to historical tabletop. Stronghold Terrain has been absolutely quick to deliver and I’m childishly looking forward to finally learning new rules again. To keep up with the progress, I’ve created a dedicated Saga category here on the blog. Feel free to check it out!

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