Taxi Driver

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“You talkin’ to me?”

Taxi Driver is one of Martin Scorsese’s most iconic films and also one of Robert de Niro’s most iconic roles. I love this film and have regretfully realized that I haven’t seen it in ages. Cinematic literacy simply includes this flick, especially since you get to see one of the acting heavyweights of our time in one of their finest moments. Studio Miniatures have also thankfully released a miniature of Travis Bickle, another great model alongside Dirty Harry. I must say, the painting was really a lot of fun. The design is phenomenal, showing de Niro in one of his most famous scenes. I am absolutely satisfied with the result.

A taxi driver needs a taxi, of course, and a film studio needs props. So without further ado I got a model from Antenocitis Workshop and once again I am very pleased with the quality. The car is completely made of resin and in one piece. The only thing that could be criticized is that no side mirrors are included, which of course should be. If that is not possible in the casting (which I don’t think it is), then they would have to be supplied as an option. Painting the yellow then cost me a lot of nerves, but I wanted a slightly dirtier, rocked-out look anyway, so it would fit well with the setting.

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