I was never a big Spawn fan. Spawn was one of those new comic book characters that, like Lobo and others, shook up the U.S. comic book market in the early ’90s. The story is quickly told, though: Mercenary Al Simmons is killed on a mission at the behest of his superior. In hell, however, he can make a deal: He is allowed to come back to earth to see his wife one last time. Because deals in hell never end well, he finds that he returns to earth years later, disfigured and with no memory. Instead, he has infernal abilities and is supposed to serve as a weapon for the Prince of Hell. There he also wants to have a say.

The character was invented and initially also drawn by Todd McFarlane, who is certainly better known outside the comics scene today for McFarlane Toys. With his revolutionary, very dynamic drawing style, Todd had previously already brought Spider-Man to new heights of popularity for Marvel. The visuals and design were what made the comics stand out more than anything else. I caught up on the first 2 or 3 anthologies of the comics a few years ago to see what Spawn was all about. Well, graphically still interesting, but also nothing more that you haven’t seen more often today. It’s always difficult to feel the revolutionary after the fact. Storywise, Spawn honestly offers nothing at all. Undoubtedly, however, Spawn has a very large fan base, which I grudge their hero.

The movie

What I don’t begrudge anyone, though, is the Spawn adaptation from 1997. I started the movie twice when it was on channel Pro7 sometime at night and couldn’t finish it. I didn’t want to let that stand and streamed it again a few years ago. I definitely finished it this time, but I can’t remember. Well, from today’s point of view the effects are absolutely grotty, but for that time they must have been great. From today’s point of view it’s easy to complain. But you have to keep in mind: There wasn’t much of this kind back then. For nerds, this was definitely a big deal and people were happy about everything they could get. Let’s take another look at the trailer:

At least, there is a ray of hope: in 2023, a new film adaptation with none other than Jamie Foxx in the leading role is to be released. Since Blumhouse Studios is producing, my expectations are mixed, but for now I’m happy that it will continue at all and that the character will be breathed back into life!

The miniature

As I said, I was never a Spawn fan and was not looking for a miniature. By chance, however, I stumbled across this model from Quest Miniatures. I think Spawn was captured perfectly and especially the play with the oversized cape works well. No wonder: we have here an early work of today’s master modeler Boris Woloszyn. Of course, I ordered Spawn immediately and must say that I am absolutely satisfied. Originally, the figure’s right hand was empty, but clenched into a fist. I thought it looked like it was missing something and glued on an MP5 from Hasslefree without further ado. Since Spawn likes to be armed, this seems quite fitting to me. The McFarlane action figures always came with oversized weapons – in this way Spawn now appears a bit more violent, which is quite fitting.

„Aren’t there any normal people left on Earth, or is everybody just back from hell?“
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