Shooting Closure 2019

2019 comes to an end and it‘s time to look back and forward. Time for Shooting closure 2019. It was an incredibly awesome year for me: I started this blog and my social media channels on Instagram and Facebook and had a blast doing it. While still almost nobody reads my blog I have a lot of fun with the social media communities. You see a lot of inspiration, get more feedback than expected and „meet“ friendly, helpful new faces. I‘m not mad though, that my blog get‘s so little attention. I like posting here and consider it to be the main platform. But how should potential readers know about it? Maybe I should connect to other bloggers. Plus, I read on other wargaming blogs that their numbers of visitors went down, potentially due to a stronger shift to social media and away from traditional forms like blogs and forums.

On Instagram everyone is doing this „Best of Nine“ thing lately. I did it myself and post now the most liked pictures 2019 of me. I posted 46 pictures, with Dirty Harry being the most liked.

Shooting closure 2019 is the best opportunity to plan new things. Looking forward there are some things I plan for the next year:

  • Take more time. As I wrote earlier, time is a very precious thing these days. I tend to rush a bit with my hobby projects because I want to get things done and to see results. As my main approach in hobby is to become a better painter, I will take more time in the future.
  • Braveheart. In 2020 I want to do one bigger painting project. I‘m very happy with how things are evolving but I miss a bit the old feeling of slowly and constantly building an army. Therefore I plan to paint Braveheart themed Scots and English and take scenic shots of battles. Building, painting and shooting those will take a lot of time but I‘m exited to start with it.
  • Build more terrain and take more scenic shots. In a perfect world I would take photos of all my miniatures in a thematically fitting scenery. I reality I neither do have the terrain for every environment (Indiana Jones in the jungle, Mad Max in the desert… and let‘s not begin with The Lord of the Rings) nor the time to build it nor the space to store it. But I want at least find solutions to take most pictures in front of thematical backdrops.
  • Take better pictures. I don‘t know much about photography. That is a thing I want to change next year. It feels better to know what you‘re doing and the results will get better without question.

That‘s it for 2019 and first plans for 2020. I had a wonderful hobby year and want to thank each and every reader/visitor/follower. I‘m looking very much forward for all the exciting things that may come in 2020. Have a happy, healthy new year!

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