Scooby Doo – Mystery Machine

To round off the Scooby Doo collection, the legendary van joins the group: the “Mystery Machine”. Even the Ghostbusters knew that real ghost hunters need a fancy car!

I don’t really know why this vehicle is so popular. It’s “just” the design, isn’t it? It doesn’t have any special gadgets, and in my memory it doesn’t play a major role in the plot. It’s just a van in which the friends drive around. Anyway, the design is enough.

I wanted a matching 28mm model and luckily found one at Armorcast. It’s resin and fits the figures just well enough thanks to the cartoony look. Strictly speaking, it’s a bit too small, but the pattern is pretty compact and the Scooby team always sits pretty squished inside. The casting is quite good, but the underside is not designed and has holes and unclean edges there. Purists will have to rework there. Company B offers decals explicitly for this model. I ordered them together with decals for the Crooked Dice Echo 1.

The disappointment was great when I found that they fit only partially. The puller for the front must be cut to size, otherwise it does not fit at all. It’s also a shame that all the door handles are simply taped over, making the handles disappear. This looks funny at best, in my case it unfortunately looked dumb because the decals didn’t stick properly in those places and formed visible bumps. I cut the handles free again without further ado with a scalpel, which also does not look very nice and is certainly not the point. For a product that is offered specifically for this model, I found that already cumbersome and unsightly.

“Let’s split up, Gang!”

In the end, though, I’m happy with my Scooby Doo Mystery Machine. The gang looks complete, doesn’t it?

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