“Old men start it, young men fight it, nobody wins, everybody in the middle dies, and nobody tells the truth!”

I’m happy to finally add a mini of Sly Stallone to my collection: Of course, it’s the legendary John Rambo. I think I saw Rambo II twice before I saw the first part. Both movies I like, even if they are different. Initially, I liked Part II better because it carried more of what I expected. Part 1 was quieter than I thought it would be and dealt more seriously with social issues. Today I appreciate that more.

Studio Canal, by the way, has edited together the “best scenes” from the first two films. Not bad for an overview:

There are many different figures of Rambo, most of them unofficial, of course. Since he can be considered the prototype of the muscle-bound lone fighter, one naturally finds many borrowings in tabletop. Certainly Games Workshop’s complete Catachan Imperial Army series would not have existed in this form without Rambo. I wanted a classic Rambo and eventually found a model from Rogue Miniatures. Fortunately, since Rogue is no longer around, the figures are still available through Caliver Books. The mini had no ammo belt, just the bare machine gun. But Rambo, of course, needs the ammo belt for his super manly action pose when he fires the machine gun with one hand and holds the belt in the other, right? So I tried to model it myself. Well, it more or less succeeded. Not perfect, but it gives the model enough coolness in my opinion.

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