New terrain: Pailing fence

And now for something completely different: As a little side project, I built a pailing fence for my backdrops. I felt that I needed more terrain to add variety to my photos. After the urban terrain, I’m moving on to something a little different. A fence like you would find in backyards or along a road seemed ideal. Once again, a (german) video from TWS served as inspiration:

My fence is also built very simply from balsa wood (affiliate link). I used a wire brush to give the picket fence a bit of structure and divided it into three elements: Two longer fence elements and one shorter one with a door. You can use it this way in a row as a long fence, or a single shorter piece as a binding element between two houses. I then glued the parts onto very sturdy bases, which are of course nonsensically large on their own. But since the fence will only ever be used as a background element in photos, it will inevitably always be adjacent to a street or something else. So it has to fit seamlessly with my previous elements. That worked, even if it looks strange at first. By the way, the door handle is a bent piece of paper clip. Discover the possibilities!

Maybe some posters will be added later.

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