“Does it come in black?”

The Tumbler really is an iconic movie car, isn’t it? When I watched Batman Begins for the first time I instantly fell in love with this new Batmobile. Altough I liked all the Batmobiles from the previous movies as well (and they had a completely different style), this one was a new take on what …

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Batman Begins

Ever since I watched Batman The Animated Series as a kid I’ve been a big fan of the Dark Knight. While I was too young for Burton’s Batman movies when they’ve been released, Batman Forever was the first Batman movie that I saw. Even as a kid it felt somehow strange to me altough I …

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Who you gonna call?

The Ghostbusters are definitely a thing from my childhood which never let go of me. When I happened to stumble across the “Paranormal Exterminators 1” by Crooked Dice, it happened to me. Crooked Dice distributes a lot of characters, which are based on the movies of the 70s and 80s. All (?) without license, therefore …

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