John Wick

John Wick had caught me completely off guard. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the film in the theater and didn’t even notice it at first. It was only later that I finally heard that the new action movie with Keanu Reeves was supposed to be really good. About plot and production I still knew nothing when I turned it on. Man, was that a surprise! In times when the action genre is half-dead and can at best come up with ever more insane and bigger CGI effects, this handmade, brutal and uncompromising coolness was simply a revelation once again. The first film really thrilled me and I was really happy to see Keanu in such a great role again.

“I Once Saw Him Kill Three Men In A Bar… With A Pencil.”

Probably there is no action and martial arts fan who has not seen at least the first film. If there is, here is the trailer again:

The second and third parts merely offer more of the same in my eyes. That’s not bad, but it doesn’t grab me as much in the second part. The biggest problem for me, however, is that the world of John Wick is spread out and takes on a greater importance. The more we see the more boring it gets already. I think it did the first part just fine that you knew little and had rudimentary contact with the world of killers and their rules and codes. Most of it was myth.

It’s probably in the nature of sequels that you deepen exactly these points. Unfortunately, this wore off so much for me over the second part that I no longer had any particular anticipation for the third and actually only watched it because of the action choreo. That, of course, remains beyond reproach. Further sequels and the announced spin-off series, however, I do not need, sorry.

The first John Wick has a special meaning for me. A miniature was absolutely necessary! As soon as I stumbled upon the matching figure from Studio Miniatures it was bought, that was over 2 years ago. Since then two versions of Spectre have been released, a limited one, which I unfortunately didn’t get, and a regular one, which I don’t like as much as the other one, and there is now a new model from Hasslefree. Today I would probably buy the Hasslefree version, as it is wonderfully dynamic and above all, it is a reasonable size. Unfortunately, that’s the problem with my model: This John Wick is damn small. The figure is rather 25mm and turns out to be quite delicate. Compared to 28mm figures John is simply too small. What a pity, actually it is a nice model.

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