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With James Bond, another true film icon is represented on my blog. Sure, the film series is legendary and probably there is no one who does not know at least the name. For a while it was somehow part of cultural education to know the classic Bond films. Also, one had an opinion on the best Bond actor. Can it be that this has changed? Of course, every new Bond film is still a spectacle. And when a new actor is cast first…. I’m really curious to see who will take over the helm from Daniel Craig. My favorite would be Idris Elba, but that’s unlikely.

The name’s Bond. James Bond

…is familiar, isn’t it?

The movies

I entered the Bond cosmos with the Brosnan films, although I initially only knew Goldeneye as a legendary (because it was indexed) N64 game. Accordingly, I got to know Bond as an action series with the myth of having been better in the past. Casino Royale, however, had me hooked. Not only did I like Craig (despite all the initial skepticism of the fans), with Eva Green one of my favorite actresses was also prominently featured. The production was cool, contemporary and focused on dialogue and suspense despite all the action. I still have the casino scenes stuck in my head. I found the later Craig films to be okay-good. Does anyone really like Quantum of Solace that much? Let’s see what we get with what will probably be the final Craig film.

For a long time I didn’t know the older films. My parents used to watch them sometimes and now and then I looked in. I knew some of the scenes, but never had a real opinion. I thought that had to change. When Sky Ticket subscribed to all Bond titles, I started my personal Bond marathon. I started with Dr. No and got as far as Octopussy – 13 films after all. So I’m still missing a Roger Moore film and the two with Timothy Dalton, then my film history would be complete. I’m sure I’ll get the chance someday. However, I must also admit that the enthusiasm waned. While I really enjoyed the first Connery films, I was just as reluctant to watch Diamonds are forever as the main character himself.

Nevertheless, it is of course charming to observe the change of actors and the changes in the staging. With Roger Moore, the films were somehow more nonsensical. I didn’t like Lazenby at all. And suddenly you’re talking like the biggest Bond connoisseur who only wants to see Connery. No, that’s not true. I always liked Pierce Brosnan as Bond, the films were just crap. Except for Goldeneye, maybe. Casino Royale wouldn’t have been as serious with Brosnan, but imagine him in such a film!

By the way, I find it interesting how the trailer for the first film was designed and edited in 1962. That was truly a different time:

The miniature

Crooked Dice offers James Bond in the Connery incarnation and Blofeld as “Best of Enemies” as really great miniatures. I had bought them, but unfortunately let them lie around on my Pile of Shame for a long time. At least Bond I have painted in the meantime and am once again thrilled by the excellent casting quality. Connery is also perfectly captured and the dynamic, legendary posture is immediately recognizable. Now I just have to get myself up to paint Blofeld soon as well.

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