Gremlins is another cult franchise of the 80’s. In my childhood, Gizmo and his evil relatives were simply cult. Probably for each of us, the two films belong to a fixed, pop-cultural memory of that time. Even these little movie monsters haven’t made the leap into the present yet. Actually, they would definitely have the potential, but I’m also glad that we were spared attempts with dubious CGI in recent years. Here’s the trailer of the first film from 1984 again:

Gremlins I knew much earlier than I actually got the see the film. I think it was, as so often, the german magazine “Limit” that showed me the first pictures. From today’s perspective, the concept of this magazine can only be considered curious: Comics and children’s themes paired with photos and reports about films with an age rating from 16 or even 18. It took a few years until I saw the films, but in the stories of others the Gremlins were totally present before.

In any case, one knew about the rules. They are actually very simple:

1. Do not let it get wet.
2. Do not expose it to direct sunlight.
3. Do not feed it after midnight.

Who doesn’t remember these important rules from our childhood? I knew Gremlins long before I could see the movie myself, because just about everyone talked about Gizmo and his mean versions. So when I finally got to see it for myself, I…

… oh shit, now I spilled the water over my table and…

Oh no, what‘s happening now? May the rules be true even in reality? Does Gizmo really…

Guys, I‘ve got some trouble now. See you next time, I guess. Oh, I bought Gizmo at that german store Marke Eigenbau. I think I need to have a serious word with them…

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