Saga: Age of Magic

Saga: Era of Magic is an expansion for Saga that was long awaited. It introduces fantastic races and rules for magic to the previously exclusively historical world of Saga. With Era of Magic, you can now play armies of orcs, undead, wood elves, demons, dwarves and more in Saga. In fact, we can now play all the fantasy armies in Saga that we already have at home from Warhammer times or from other systems. I was very much looking forward to finally being able to use this beautiful rules system in the fantasy realm, which is a bit more to my liking as a relaxing factor than the historical one.


For me there is now the possibility to dust off all my old Lord of the Rings miniatures and take them into battle without having to get involved with a new system. Most importantly (and this is the current plan), based on the first Conan movie, I can raise forces of Conan and of Thulsa Doom. My collection is already quite extensive. It will now be expanded to comply with the rules of Era of Magic. You will see the development here soon.

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