The Big Lebowski: Der Dude

The Big Lebowski: “Just take it easy, man!”

Finally, I’m working on an iconic movie character again: none other than the Dude himself enters the stage and joins my collection. “The Big Lebowski” is one of those movies that you just get to know completely naturally. Somehow, sometime, everybody watches it. I strongly assume that this is still true for teenagers today. The character is cult, the supporting characters are cult, and countless dialogues and sentences are cult as well.

The Dude miniature is available as “Bathrobe Dude” from Impact Miniatures. They have a whole line of Big Lebowski figures, but they are rather oldschool sculpted. I bought Lebowski, Donnie, Walter and Jesus, the rest didn’t appeal to me much based on the product images. Lebowski himself I think is quite nicely designed, even if the legs are too rough. He comes with two hand options: One with a glass, one with a milk carton. I opted for the glass and tried to make it look like he was drinking White Russian. Well, I’m still practicing that a bit 🙂

edit: Donny and Walter also joined later: Click

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