“Hello Boyos!”

For months now, you’ve been seeing a lot of Star Wars Legion and models from 3D printing providers, all of them great, often spectacularly painted. As a Star Wars fan, your heart swells, it’s just insanely exciting what is now possible in our hobby. Although I have decided not to start with Star Wars Legion (just to resist the collecting appeal from the start), I still have a lot of Star Wars Imperial Assault lying around. All unpainted, of course. Where’s the Force when you need it?

Star Wars is now also tackled with me, I paint crosswise what I just feel like. I’ll start with Jar Jar Binks, one of the best written characters of the whole Skywalker saga. Oh, how much he is loved by the fans! One would have loved to see more of him and his heroic moments. A real bright spot back at the start of the prequel triology.

There don’t seem to be many miniatures of Jar Jar. I’ve seen a few STLs, but nothing in his original look in Episode 1, so I was very happy when I found this classic Jar Jar Binks at Tactica 2020 at Andy Peters and even got it as a gift to my surprise. Thanks again, Andy!
Unfortunately, it took me a while to paint Jar Jar, because all the stress about the latest triology made me pretty Star Wars tired (bright spot Mandalorian excluded). I just didn’t feel like it. That changed after the second season of Mandalorian and now I finally start painting my collection. So Jar Jar makes the beginning, I kind of owe it to Andy.
The miniature is really good sculpted, the proportions are right, the lankiness is well captured and you can guess the goofiness. The casting is also clean – I assume it’s the same caster who does Elladan’s miniatures, and he’s beyond reproach.

As simple as Jar Jar’s clothing is, the skin was challenging. Not only is the tone different from what I’m used to, it’s also much lighter on the front of the body than on the back, so a gradient plus speckles was called for. I’m happy with the result, even though I didn’t quite match the original colors. I think Jar Jar Binks marks a worthy start to my Star Wars gallery.

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