“This is the part where you run away!”

Phew, “Shrek” turns 20 years old this year. My lords, how time flies!
I’ve seen all the movies (except for the Puss-spin off, is it worth it?) and I liked them back then. I haven’t looked in since, though, and can’t judge whether they’ve aged well. The use of fairy tales and myths was nothing new, but I found them quite creative and funny and getting better with the sequels. Often such movies live especially from their side characters and running gags. Donkey and Gingerbread Man are especially memorable to me. I’m sure it still works well today.

When I saw the non-Shrek mini at Hasslefree, the dreaded buying impulse kicked in immediately. No idea why, I have no emotional attachment to Shrek. Anyway, I thought the mini was great and maybe I just felt like painting green skin again (nostalgic “Waagh!”). As is actually always the case with Hasslefree, the painting went more or less by itself. I opted for colors very close to the template and am really happy with the result.

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