A majestic happy new year!

First of all, may I wish all readers a happy, healthy and optimistic new year. Of course, times are still difficult and we have already seen some things globally in the last few days that we would have preferred to avoid. But I prefer to keep optimism and believe that things will get better.

From pathos loaded introductory lines, we go straight to the least of what will change the world: My miniatures. At least I enjoy them, and if anyone else likes them, maybe I can at least lift their spirits a bit.
“Between the years” I had a lot of family time and got busy with other things. Nevertheless, here and there was also room for the hobby. I have worked on quite a lot of different things and almost nothing really finished. But a lot of things are now close to completion. Some things that have been open for a long time and were not finished by the end of the year should now be finished as soon as possible. One mini, which was in work since November, I could finish now: Vitalstatix, chief of the defensible Gauls, and his shield bearers.

The figures are also from the old series of Metal Magic. Vitalstatix and the shield bearers are each single miniatures, which I glued together on a larger base. The colorful and varied painting was again a lot of fun, even if the casting was not everywhere as clean as I would have liked. Anyway, the village community is growing and as a small ensemble of figures I really like them all. Let’s see who will be next.

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