“Felicity Shagwell, CIA. Shagwell by name, shag-very-well by reputation.”

I remembered it differently, but in the second Austin Powers flick the chemistry between Austin and Sidekick/Love interest Felicity Shagwell works even better than with Vanessa in the first movie. Her open, flirtatious manner is of course more suited to our sexy agent than the more reserved kind of Vanessa. Both characters were perfectly cast though, too. In general, Heather Graham played some memorable roles – it’s a pity that things got so quiet around her, too. I always had the feeling that she can do more than she is usually allowed to show. The second Austin Powers part was not only (even) funnier, but Felicity Shagwell had a part in making it the better film for me in general.

I did not have to search long for a miniature. Crooked Dice has it in her program and doesn’t even bother to pretend that someone else could be meant. Looks and pose are very much like the original. I am totally happy with the figure: Great casting, fine details, the filigree stature well captured. I only had to try to do justice to her with my paint job. Oh behave!

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