“Always wanting to have fun, Austin. That’s you in a nutshell!”

Okay, on with Mr. Powers’ female sidekicks. First up is Vanessa Kensington, played in the first film by the gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley. Like Austin, Vanessa doesn’t have her own miniature, but I didn’t have to search long. At Crooked Dice, there is the generic agent Pandora King, who might be inspired by Diana Riggs’ character in The Avengers. I found her very fitting and in principle unchanged usable. I finally filed off her bootleg and stupidly added a cutout to her suit. I was actually satisfied with the figure and just wanted to make it a little more precise. Sexiness is of course a theme in the movies, so I found this detail “fitting”. But in retrospect I’m a bit annoyed about it, because it’s just unnecessary sexualization. The way the figure was, it was already fitting, nobody would have missed the cutout. Maybe you don’t have to be too strict with this film of all things, but there just was no need for that.
The painting didn’t work quite as well as I would have liked afterwards, I probably blocked myself somehow. You learn from it and continue with the next Mini! Groovy, baby!

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