“I’ve quit better jobs than this.”

The evenings are getting shorter, it is already mid-September, autumn is approaching. Time to retreat comfortably and unpack scary movies. While I personally don’t need Halloween, which is now firmly established in Germany, I love everything about the media spectacle in the USA. Horror movies, special episodes in TV shows, elaborate costumes and strange stories. The festival is surrounded by something mythical, as if it could really happen that the dead rise again or that there is a killer clown behind the next bush. For the blog I have some ideas, both miniatures and terrain. I have already finished the wall and the gate, the gravestones are still waiting.

As a cautious introduction to the season I took a look at “Ghostbusters” again. I still love the movie and can watch it again and again. Afterwards, of course, hobby ideas exploded in my head. I also have a few unpainted miniatures lying around here, including Janine Melnitz. It seemed wrong to leave her unnoticed for a longer time and so I painted her without further ado. I am very satisfied with the result. On this occasion I noticed that I have only posted one rather bad photo of the Ghostbusters so far – this will be made up for soon with an appropriate photo shoot and a reinforced team.

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