New York, New York

After a long time I finished a few buildings for my backdrops. Four building elements representing residential buildings in the style of New York. They all consist of the set “Brownstone A” by TT Combat, which actually contains a complete house. Instead I took all four sides as independent elements, reinforced the back with balsa wood, made adjustments here and there and glued them to bases of blue foam. The windows still got window panes of printed paper (my MS Paint knowledge was just about enough for that), then everything was painted. The fire escape is from 4ground, the graffiti is from Antenocitis Workshop.

The parts stood around for a few months, built but unpainted, now I finally did it. I am satisfied with the result, although I might add some more details sometimes. In any case, I am happy that I now have more variety in my backdrops.

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