“No women, no kids, that’s the rules.”

Léon: The Professional was one of those films that aroused my fascination for movies. The taciturn and nonchalant killer, who takes the orphaned girl under his wing, offered a lot of sympathy and maybe a little bit of identification potential, despite his daily business. But what I really remember from the beginning was the aggressive performance of Gary Oldman. In my youthful perception he was already a great actor at that time, but all his roles that I appreciate today came later. Looking back I am always surprised how young he was then. The same is true for Jean Reno, whom I met with this movie and unfortunately never liked so much again. I am always happy to see him, but I always have the feeling that despite many good films, the one immortalizing role – Leon at best – has not materialized.

So for me and Gary Oldman it really started for me after this movie, for Jean Reno there were a lot of good and worth seeing things, but actually no highlight anymore. From then on I found him best in supporting roles (Ronin, Mission Impossible).

What do you think about Jean Reno?

The miniature is from Rogue Miniatures. Cleanly cast and in a nice dynamic pose it was really a pleasure to paint it.

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