“Hit me! Come on! Hit me!”

Finally I painted Batman on Batpod, after the model had been standing on my table for almost a year, only black primed. I like the miniature because of its very dynamic pose. It captures a moment of the iconic scene from The Dark Knight, where the Joker provokes Batman to run him over.

It’s the old model from Knight Models, which has been oop for a while now. Although it is completely made of metal, the assembly was less difficult than expected – it looks quite fragile, but has held up well so far. I didn’t feel like painting it for a long time, because I was bored of painting a lot of black before. Fortunately this changed and I tried different shades of black. The coat has a blue cast, the suit is classically highlighted with grey and white, the Batpod is a mix. I always find the moment fascinating when the contours are worked out and slowly the desired result appears.

I think the next miniatures will be more colourful anyway πŸ™‚

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