The first hyborean terrain piece

I needed a little break from painting miniatures, so I built my first terrain piece for a potential hyborean gaming board. I thought about doing some kind of temple for Thulsa Doom, but then I preferred a more generic object that could also be used for other settings.

When I looked for inspirations I stumbled across one of the awesome tutorials of the german Youtube show “TWS”. I decided to build exactely that stone platform, as it fit’s perfectly into a hyborean world and could also be used for different settings. The platform is made from xps foam with a core from cardboard. I just followed the tutorial, so there is not really much to explain here. You find every step in the video – even if you’re not speaking German you should be able to follow the steps:

Here are a few pictures of my building process. The only difference to the TWS video is, that I used cardboard for the core instead of xps foam.

Later I made some test photos with the new platform and some miniatures to get a feeling for perspectives:

I had a lot of fun building this quickly made piece and will definitely add more terrain to my collection.

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