“Two or three years ago it was just another snake cult, now… they’re everywhere!”

Today’s s post is a terrain piece for my Conan project. A statue for the snake cult that would fit very well in the temple of Thulsa Doom. It looks pretty much like Thulsa himself after his transformation – a perfect addition to my collection.

The statue is a detailed resin piece from Forge of Ice Miniatures, called “Doom Serpent Idol”. I bought it at Fenris Games, who are the only European retailer I think. It’s an amazing casting, almost no cleaning was necessary. Originally I wanted to paint the whole model like it was made from stone. After watching at the product picture in the Fenris store again I decided to copy the paint job and to paint the eyes green and the necklace bronze. The green eyes could be green stones, that are put into the statue to intensify it’s dignity.

I think it works pretty fine!

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