More Conan in the making

I‘m going to post more WIP pictures in the future, starting with my actual Conan project. I had so much fun painting Conan and his fellows and I love the movie so much that I want more related miniatures. I‘m very happy that I could buy the absolutely awesome figures by Forge of Doom. They are all sculpted by Boris Woloszyn, who did again an amazing job. Unfortunately Forge of Doom had to close it‘s doors because they had no license and… well, the minis inarguably come directly from the movie. Painting them will be what keeps my busy (hobbywise) while this Corona crisis lasts. As I will have a lot more Conan content on my blog as I thought, this post here also marks the opening of the Conan-movie-section. By Crom, let‘s get to the brushes!

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