I was never a Spawn fan and wasn‘t even looking for a miniature, but when I saw this one, I had to buy it from Quest Miniatures (next to some Masters of the Universe miniatures, but that‘s another story). I never really liked the 90‘s Spawn movie, but it was interesting enough to watch it a couple times. You couldn‘t see much stuff like this these days, so you took what was available.

I like the miniature a lot. It brilliantly catches an iconic pose with the enormous cape. Spawn‘s right hand originally was empty, but I decided to place an MP5 gun by Hasslefree there. I remember very well when the awesome action figures by McFarlane Toys hit the stores. Most of the Spawn figures carried loads of big guns and I thought my Spawn should have at least one. In my eyes it matches very well and gives Spawn a much more violent appearance.

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