Rise of the Foot Clan

I managed to paint a couple Kung Fu fighting, super secret and silent Ninjas over the weekend. Of course they had to be members of the Foot Clan, all time foes to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It seems like my TMNT collection is going to be a bit thrown together from all kinds of incarnations of the TMNT universe. The turtles were inspired by the colour scheme of their early appearence in the comics while I painted to Foot soldiers in the colours of the legendary cartoon series from the 90’s – purple, black, grey. Well, I didn’t expect having so much fun painting purple. Right now I’m in the mood to paint even more of them.

The miniatures are from Crooked Dice, sold as “usual” Ninjas with typical Ninja heads. But they also sell additional heads with very characteristic masks. Put body and head together…boom, there you go, classic Foot soldiers. Absolutely awesome models, they were a joy to paint! I’m also happy with how the colours turned out. As I already said, I want to paint more of them, but CD only has those three, whereas I don’t want to mix them with different styles from other manufactures. That means there is a lot of conversion ahead. Everything for the Foot Clan!

…Speaking of the Foot Clan. A Clan needs a leader, right? That might be a task for the next few days. Stay tuned for what happens in the streets of New York these days!

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