“If you want to be a good archeologist, you gotta get out of the library!”

… a quote which maybe could have been in a fourth Indiana Jones movie if there would have been one. Luckily we only have the triology. I absolutely love the movies and never was able to decide which one my favorite is. I think it’s the third, but the first one is really close behind.

It goes without saying that there had to be that famous archeologist in my collection. You can find a couple of more or less accurate miniatures out there, with or without the lash, with or without the leather jacket. I went for the mini from Stronghold Terrain, which is sculpted by Andy Peters, just like my Conan. Painting him was a bit adventurous. First I started to paint his face on one of those incredibly hot days in June. The color dried on my drush while applying it and I messed up the whole face. Indy took a bath in a paint remover and I started again after a while.

I’m quite happy with the result, although I think the face still could have turned out better. Anyway, after the experience of messing up a mini it was important to get it done now. Then I took him outside for a photoshooting in the last warm days of this year. Stronghold Terrain also released a Senior Archeologist… Too many projects already, but who can resist?

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