„Roads… Where we‘re going we don‘t need roads!“

Doc Brown formed the way I thought about scientists when I was a kid. I wondered how many scientists might be out there that were such crazy geniuses just like him – although even as a kid I knew deep in my heart that no one of those would ever build a time machine. Also deep in my heart I still hope that someday someone proofs me wrong…

After painting McFly last week I had to go on with the Doc immediately. The miniature is again from Crooked Dice with perfect quality. I believe I had zero cleaning to do and quite a lot of fun painting him. It‘s the first time after the „downtime“ that I painted white clothes.In past years I hated painting white and was a bit worried how it would work now. Let‘s just say it wasn‘t that bad and I‘m very okay with the result. What‘s still missing now is a time machine for our brave explorers, isn‘t it? We‘ll see what the future brings. Or the past.

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