“Men fear most what they cannot see.”

After painting R’as al Ghul last week I continued with his League of Shadows. I like the poses of the miniatures as they really look like being in a fight, while R’as himself just stands upright like the leader commanding his troops. Again there have been a lot of mold lines and gaps. In general assembling was a true pain, because you have to glue the arms and the heads. Especially the arms can be very fiddly without pinning. If I played the game I definitely would have pinned all those parts, they are simply too fragile. But well, this set is not in production anymore, Knight Models changed the material and improved the positions, so why bother? Maybe it’s because I prefer their old designs and still have a lot of their old miniatures to assemble. Moaning doesn’t help at all I guess.

Painting was surprisingly fun (as I didn’t want to paint black suits for a while) and I tried to highlight the fabric different from the armour. The fabric is highlighted greyish and the armour bluish, but in the end that doesn’t really seem to make a difference. Maybe i should have pushed those highlights a bit further. I’m still very happy with the result and a bit proud that I painted a group of miniatures at once for the first time in many years.

Knight Models’ old range of Batman Begins miniatures is finished now. Next one would be the Clown Prince of Crime himself. Hehe…

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