Latest painted miniatures are two terrordogs from Ghostbusters. Their appearance in the movie brought it to a new level of scare when I watched it the first time. Until then the movie was funny, but then things got really serious for our heroes. No question I needed miniatures and I was superexcited when I found those from Heresy Miniatures. No coincidence that they look very much alike their examples.

The miniatures are very well designed, but it was a bit fiddly to get their legs in the right position. I think there is still a foot that doesn’t really touch the ground. Anyway, it was fun to paint those, altough I recognized (again), that I sometimes struggle with highlights. For my feeling they are a bit too strong here, but I didn’t manage to tone them down. Luckily it’s not a big deal, as I still like the result. I think they are a great addition to the Ghostbusters collection.

Initially I wanted to paint some other miniatures first, but then I got aware of Heresy having some financial struggles. Painting and posting them now means a little attempt to support them as the contact was nice, the shipping was fast and as I’m very pleased with the quality. If you want to support Heresy Miniatures, check out their webstore, sometimes they have very attractive discounts, too.

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