James Bond Crooked Dice Sean Connery

“The name’s Bond. James Bond”

The latest miniature is a true icon of the movies, nobody less than James Bond. It comes from Crooked Dice and I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be the icarnation with Sean Connery – you have to excuse me here, I’m really not a James Bond guy. I think the first Bond that I have seen in theaters was one of the later Brosnan ones, maybe “Die another day”. It didn’t impress me much for obvious reasons, which changed when Daniel Craig took over. Altough I liked that latest incarnation (with Casino Royale beeing the best), it still never grew somehow important to me. Maybe it all starts with the fact that I have seen only a few of the classic Bond movies and can’t remember much about them.
For years it’s now on my pile of shame to watch at least the whole Sean Connery-era. Maybe having that miniature painted should be taken as an impulse to finally dive deep in the world of 007.

As the miniature is from Crooked Dice with the usual excellent casting quality there is not much to say about it hobbywise. But one thing is for sure: I need a break from painting black suits and try to get better while painting colourful models.

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