“E.T. home phone!”

When I was a kid, E.T. was more a myth to me than an actual movie. It took years to finally see it while everybody else was already talking about it. I remember how impressed I was by that little creature, altough that scene with the agents coming to the house in those hazmat suits to catch ET kind of scared me. For some reason I remember the scene as men in space suits.
ET is one of those magical movies you don’t ever forget when you watch it in your childhood. I didn’t look out for an ET miniature as I didn’t expect there could be one, but when I stumbled across it by sheer coincidence I had to buy it immediately.

The miniature is sold by L72’s metal miniature musings. Unlike ALF before it is, I believe, an original sculpt. You can check it out here: https://l72smetalminiaturesmusings.wordpress.com/ordering-price-list/
The cast is fine and crisp and there was absolutely no cleaning necessary. Altough I gave ET a rather quick paintjob it was a joy to paint that little fellow and I’m happy how he turned out.

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