„Say hello to my little friend!“

To be honest, I don‘t really like „Scarface“. Of course I enjoyed finally watching that famous movie the first time, but it never got me hooked. In maybe 15 years I only saw it once again last year and was kinda bored. Yes, it‘s from 1983, maybe it‘s the pacing. On the other hand it doesn‘t really feel like there is anything unnecessary – it‘s good as it is but maybe just not for me.
Al Pacinos performance is a completely different thing for me. I love what Pacino does with Tony Montana. He is just a joy to watch and there are obvious reasons why Montana/Scarface nowadays is a solid part of our popculture. Anyway, there was no doubt that I needed to add Scarface to my collection. The miniature is from Studio Miniatures. Alike the Pulp Fiction minis there was almost no cleaning necessary. I love how they catched the iconic pose and how good his face is sculpted. I hope you like it, too!

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