Kurgan and Corona

It’s a bit quiet here because there were lots of things to do in the past weeks. Now we have this Corona-crisis going on and that changes day-to-day business immensely. In Germany we are (as in most european countries) forced to stay at home if we can work from home. On Facebook I can read, that a lot of you painting-mates try to see it positively and to use that time to crawl and paint through your lead piles. As I have a little kid to look after (day-care centre is closed as well) while my wife still works, that plan will not work for me I’m afraid. Family and health always comes first and in times like these it’s even more important to focus on that. On the other hand I always enjoyed painting as a way to relax – that’s not the worst you can do when the news just stress you out. I try to find painting time in the late evening and to stay active, but I guess it’s going to be a bit more quiet here for some time. Good thing is, I expect to be a bit more around on the Social Networks to see, like and comment your awesome work! Stay safe everyone!

Oh, yes, and I managed to finish Kurgan, evil foe to the Highlander. The miniature is again by Rogue Miniatures. Due to the before mentioned reasons Kurgan is very quickly painted. I’m okay with the outcome but I feel I could have done it better. Anyway, it feels good to get things done 🙂

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